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Fiction Writing Workshops

Besides teaching at the Nanaimo District Secondary School (1961-1980), the University of Ottawa (1979-1983), and the University of Victoria (1983-2002), Hodgins has conducted several short-term fiction-writing workshops in a number of locations, including: Surfer's Paradise (Australia), Marburg (Germany), Mallorca (Spain), Banff (Alberta), St. John's (Newfoundland), Quadra Island (B.C.), Fort San (Saskatchewan), University of British Columbia (Vancouver), Lasqueti Island (B.C.), Campbell River (B.C.), and other locations.

For more information on how Hodgins conducts a writing workshop, see the relevant chapter in his book A Passion for Narrative.

For information about the annual 'Jack Hodgins Award for Long Fiction' see the Malahat Review at or contact malahat@uvic.ca


2011 Fiction Workshops

  • Denman Island July 11, 2011 (five days) Click here for details

  • Port Alberni July 29, 2011 (one day)

  • Banff School of Fine Arts, "Writing With Style: the novel, chapter one" - Sept 17-24

2010 Fiction Workshop

  • A writing workshop at the Saskatchewan Festival of Words, July 2010

2009 Fiction Workshops



"His great gift as a teacher is to teach people very early that they need to find their own material and their own voice….The characteristic thing about Jack is that he is fundamentally enthusiastic. He has an endless fascination with people doing things well and he celebrates that at every opportunity .... He tempers what he thinks by what five other people think so you come away feeling that you have been in conversation with the finest writers in literature."

Jay Connolly, former student and author of the novel Dancewater Blues.


"I credit him for being the hardest instructor I've ever had. He didn't let me get away with anything and I really thank him for that."

Gail Anderson-Dargatz, former student and author of the novels A Cure for Death by Lightning and A Recipe for Bees.


"What stands out is his ability to ask the right question. He probably made a bigger contribution to my life than any other writer."

Bill Chalmers, author of the novel No More Worthy.


"He was the most organized, thoughtful, hardworking prof I have had. His comments and the thought he put into our stories is very much appreciated."

A recent student at the University of Victoria.


"He has been called a maestro, a wizard, and a hero, but by his students, many now his colleagues, he has been awarded a title which perhaps implies the greatest flattery of all, the privilege of friend. Jack Hodgins, author of a guide for writing fiction entitled A Passion for Narrative, and many novels… has arguably influenced more students of literature, and of life, than any other instructor at the University of Victoria Writing Department, where his reputation not only precedes him, it defines him."

Joy Gugeler, editor and journalist.




Jack Hodgins no longer accepts requests for private critiques of manuscripts


Private Critiques


The following has been prepared as a response to several requests from people seeking editorial help at different stages of a writing project.

Since retiring from the University of Victoria, I have received many requests to read and critique the manuscripts of novels and short stories. I have edited a few novels for publishers, and have taken on a number of these requested critiques when the timing is convenient and the projects appealed.

These critiques have usually included (1) some copy-editing, (2) marginal scribble indicating thoughts while reading, (3) pages of printed comments after appropriate breaks such as the ends of chapters, including questions, suggestions, reactions, editorial observations, and attention to grammar, (4) general printed observations and comments on the manuscript as a whole, recognition of the writer's intentions, acknowledgement of the areas most successful, and discussions of the main weaknesses with recommendations for improvement.

To establish appropriate fees, I have taken the Writers Union of Canada's reading fee as a general guide, but have also considered the time and effort required by works I've critiqued in the recent past. My receipt for payment may be used against any income tax you are required to pay on your writing income.

Those interested in contacting me about this should probably have a look at A Passion for Narrative: a guide for writing fiction (McClelland and Stewart) before doing so.

Please note:

  • I have no way of guaranteeing eventual publication.

  • I consider my involvement to be confidential.

  • My involvement does not include a willingness to be quoted to agents or publishers, to provide letters of support, or to write dust jacket blurbs!

For more information or a price list, requests may be addressed to info@jackhodgins.ca


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