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The Honorary Patron
Novel (1987)
Jack Hodgins

Any new book by Jack Hodgins reminds us that satisfying literature and deep-gut laugher naturally go hand in hand. With The Honorary Patron, Hodgins one again turns his comic spotlight on the quirky inhabitants of Vancouver Island - with the usual enchanting and hilarious results.

When a near-fossilized Professor Crane returns from a long absence to host his home town's Shakespeare Festival, he quickly finds himself enmeshed in a tumultuous life he thought he'd permanently left behind. A romance forty years in the past is miraculously resurrected, as are old enemies and even older instincts. The question is, can a dose of home kick-start the professor back into flesh-and-blood actions? The engaging answer is this exuberant novel that will leave you feeling very good about life.

(from the cover of the M&S Paperback edition)

Winner of the Commonwealth Regional Prize.


"Hodgins' writing is full of felicities, of perfect turns of phrase that bring home unexpected new meanings."

Books in Canada

"Hodgins is a cool and subtle moralist, a writer not afraid of tackling big subjects and complicated ideas."

Montreal Gazette

"Hodgins' storytelling is both intuitive and accomplished, sustaining the reader's attention by skilful movement."

The Whig-Standard (Kingston)

"Infused with a great sense of humanity."

Edmonton Sun


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